Aldes' Smart Ventilation

Aldes Doubles Smart Home Product Sales with Environmental Data

Find out how air quality data helped Aldes create a personalized indoor air treatment service, transforming both customer engagement & sales.

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What’s in the eBook?

The Business Case for Smart Home Ventilation

To function properly, ventilators need a
way to regulate the intake of outdoor air -
otherwise, they risk blindly bringing in
polluted air from the outside.

Meet Walter®: Aldes' Intelligent Air Quality Companion

Aldes’ unique and innovative connected buddy device, delivers a stress-free solution for homeowners who want to breathe healthy air at home. 

How Aldes' Personalized Products Boost Increase Value

Find out why Aldes needed to account for the unique environments & habits of individual customers in order to be effective.

How Aldes Gains from Air Quality Integration

Find out how air quality data benefits Aldes, from establishing a strategic market advantage to boosting sales & improving customer loyalty.

Who is this eBook for?

Manufacturers or innovation/product managers in the indoor air market space, including Smart Home, HVAC, Air Purification or BMS.

"Since partnering with BreezoMeter, overall sales for Aldes’ connected air treatment solutions have doubled each year”

Marc Brevière, Aldes Executive Vice President, Marketing & Communications