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Environmental Data Helps ALK Reduce Health App Churn by 50%

Find out how the global allergy specialists ALK use environmental insights to make a positive difference in the lives of sensitive seasonal allergy sufferers.

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What’s in the eBook?

The Importance of Educating Seasonal Allergy Sufferers

Learn why ALK found it so important to educate their users about air pollution & pollen in a simple & intuitive way.

The Air Pollution & Pollen Connection

ALK found it important to provide their seasonal allergy suffering audience with both air pollution & pollen information.

How the Klara App Improves Allergy Management

By integrating environmental data into Klara - the ALK allergy companion app -  users enjoy time outside when it's safe to do so.

How ALK Engages Users During Allergy Off-Season

Find out how ALK overcomes the seasonal nature of pollen & stays relevant all year-round. 

Who is this eBook for?

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical professionals looking to improve patient engagement through connected health. This eBook is especially relevant for anyone in the seasonal allergy space.

"BreezoMeter’s pollen and air quality makes the app actionable for our users, every day, all year round"

Rebekka Caselitz, Medical User Engagement Manager -  ALK Consumer Care Division