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Creating the BAQI: BreezoMeter's Truly Global Air Quality Index

In order to put air quality information in the hands of the public, we created a single unified global AQI that could be understood by all.

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What’s in the eBook?

How National AQIs Work

Each country uses different methods to measure air quality: Different scales, different definitions of ‘unhealthy’ and ‘healthy’, and different time intervals for reporting data. 

How BreezoMeter's AQI Works

Understand the logic behind our air quality index scale and what makes it is a favorite for health-focused businesses.

How we Created the BAQI

Learn more about the science behind our technology and how we created a universal air quality index that can be used to compare air quality across different countries.

How the BAQI Helps Prevent Pollution Exposure

We base our reporting on the health impact of air pollution in order for people to take actionable steps to control their exposure.

Who is this eBook for?

Business professionals, scientists & healthcare providers looking to understand why the BAQI is a great choice for delivering actionable air quality information.


“The BAQI is a single, independent rating that can serve as the most reliable standard for air quality across the world.”