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Your Business Guide to Evaluating an Air Quality Data Provider

 Use this guide to ensure you ask the right questions of any potential air quality data partner.

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Group 3795

What’s in the eBook?

Why Data Differences Matter

Unreliable air quality information could have serious health impacts for your end-users and harm business reputation in the long-run.

Air Quality Monitoring Basics

If you looking to integrate truly real-time or location-specific air quality information, it's important to learn the basics of air quality monitoring.

Understanding your Business Requirements

To ensure you partner with the right provider, we take you through the important legal & business needs related questions you need to consider.

BreezoMeter vs. Others

For each point in this guide, we give a little explanation about BreezoMeter's own method & experience.

Who is this eBook for?

If you're a business professional considering air quality data integration, this guide is essential reading: You need to ensure any data you choose is fit for your purpose.


The more people seek out air quality information, the more responsibility businesses have to ensure the insights provided are reliable.