How to Improve Patient Care with Environmental Insights

 Find out how leading health brands leverage air quality data to improve preventive care for chronic respiratory conditions.


What's In the eBook? 

In this eBook, we explain how real-time and micro-local air quality insights help to complete patient views, benefiting chronic disease sufferers and treatment providers in the long-run.

Group 801
Understand the transition from 'one-size-fits-all' care to personalized medicine & the challenges this presents.
Group 799
Why healthcare brands choose BreezoMeter's environmental insights for developing their personalized health solutions.
Group 800
Real-world use cases for environmental intelligence in healthcare feat. ALK, My mHealth, Mt. Sinai & more.

About BreezoMeter


BreezoMeter's accuracy-validated environmental intelligence offers a new way to understand & influence patient behavior.  By deploying a multi-model & multi- data layer approach  to air quality reporting based on governmental sensors, satellites, weather, traffic & more, we  provide historical, live & forecast air pollution & pollen insights in high-resolution - ideal for use in healthcare settings.