Understand Patient Behavior with Environmental Insights

Find out how leading health brands benefit from environmental intelligence: Featuring ALK, My mhealth, Propeller Health, Mt Sinai Hospital & more.
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What's In the eBook? 

In this eBook, we explain how real-time and micro-local air quality insights help to complete patient views, benefiting chronic disease sufferers and treatment providers in the long-run.

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Understand the transition from 'one-size-fits-all' care to personalized medicine & the challenges this presents.
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Why healthcare brands choose BreezoMeter's environmental insights for developing their personalized health solutions.
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Real-world use cases for environmental intelligence in healthcare feat. ALK, My mHealth, Mt. Sinai & more.

About BreezoMeter


BreezoMeter's accuracy-validated environmental intelligence offers a new way to understand & influence patient behavior.  By deploying a multi-model & multi- data layer approach  to air quality reporting based on governmental sensors, satellites, weather, traffic & more, we  provide historical, live & forecast air pollution & pollen insights in high-resolution - ideal for use in healthcare settings.