BreezoMeter's Technology Guide

The Ultimate Guide to BreezoMeter’s Air Quality Technology 

BreezoMeter's scientists found a way to deliver actionable air quality data at the street level in real-time. Find out how we did it.

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What’s in the eBook?

Why Battle Air Pollution?

Despite the shocking statistics behind air pollution exposure and its impact on health, air quality has been neglected for a long time. BreezoMeter decided to do something about this.

Limitations of Traditional Air Quality Reporting

Understand why the information provided by government monitoring stations, personal sensors, and satellites alone often fails to provide the full picture.

BreezoMeter's Air Quality Technology

Learn about BreezoMeter's unique approach to environmental reporting - including explanations of our smoke model, traffic model, and how we achieve 5 meters/1.5Feet granularity.

Why Trust BreezoMeter?

We explain the external validation behind our approach and why leading brands from around the world trust BreezoMeter's real-time air quality reporting

Who is this eBook for?

This eBook is a must-read for anyone interested to learn more about the science behind our air quality reporting. We explain the types of data source we use, our big data and modelling approach, how we validate our information - and much more!


"Technological progress and big data have merged to enable environmental scientists and engineers at BreezoMeter to map the world’s air pollution and deliver dynamic, real-time, and up to city-block-level air quality data worldwide."