Breezometer Wildfire tracker

BreezoMeter’s Wildfire Tracking: Revolutionizing Fire Monitoring

In this eBook, we present the details of our unique wildfire tracking solution: Why we created it, how it works, and recommended use cases for organizations and businesses looking to make use of this life-saving information.

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BreezoMeter Wildfire Tracker

What’s in the eBook?

Wildfires are Getting Worse

Based on the definitions of size, fire season length, increasing temperatures, and destruction, wildfires are becoming bigger threats for societies around the world.

Why We Need Better Wildfire Intelligence

Without access to smarter wildfire intelligence and response mechanisms, the current level of destruction caused by wildfires is also likely to become worse over time.

BreezoMeter's Approach to Wildfire Tracking

By applying our combined scientific, product, and technological expertise, we’ve developed a comprehensive, highly visual, and easy-to-understand live wildfires tracking solution - designed to protect property and save lives in the real world.

Use Cases for Wildfire Intelligence

BreezoMeter's groundbreaking wildfire intelligence can be used by individuals and businesses to safeguard lives, protect property, and limit damage caused by wildfires. We explore a number of recommended use cases in detail. 

Who is this eBook for?

This eBook is recommended for business professionals interested in safeguarding life and protecting property/infrastructure with location-based, timely wildfire intelligence.



"Since 2005, it is estimated the USA alone has lost more than 89,000 structures - 17,663 of which occurred in 2020 (!)"