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How to Create Engaging Indoor Air Product Experiences

Find out how leading brands ensure their products become essential tools for their customers, both inside and outside of a building - with examples from Siemens, Delos, Aldes, Airthings, One Life & Blueair. 

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What’s in the eBook?

Make Your Products a Way of Life

Find out how leading smart home and indoor air companies have made the transition from 'household appliance' to 'lifestyle' brand.

Reveal Invisible Environmental Threats

To sell a solution to an invisible threat, your customers need to understand the reality of the environmental hazards around them.

How to Stay Top of Mind 24/7

Indoors is where your products come into play, but outdoors is where individuals have little control beyond their behavior. This is where you could make a difference.

Automatically Personalize Indoor Air

There is a growing expectation for indoor air products to serve as automatic protectors of the home environment. Find out how leading brands do this.

Who is this eBook for?

This eBook has been created specifically for indoor air professionals interested to learn more about the benefits of environmental data integration for smart home, HVAC and air purifier product brands.

"We chose BreezoMeter as our Air Quality data partner as they provide us with the most accurate, reliable data available, enabling us to spread awareness on pollution levels to people all over the world through our free air quality services Blueair Friend and AirView"