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*Pollen data is currently available in 33 countries worldwide.

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Is pollen - & air quality - data right for me?

11,000 liters. How much air we inhale in a day, in average. 
Breathing is one of the few things all humans share. And it seriously impacts our health: 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, 1 in 9 deaths worldwide is due to air pollution.* 

As a consequence, companies can benefit from integrating air quality & pollen information, to:

  • Differentiate from competition
  • Engage with consumers & users at a deeper, more personalized level
  • Impact habits, & by doing so, grow user satisfaction & user retention
  • Boost sales with targeted marketing campaigns

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Tell me more about BreezoMeter

BreezoMeter is a technology company specialized in air quality information. It has developed its own sophisticated algorithms -managing monitoring stations readings but also traffic patterns, wind and weather characteristic, and more - to be able to provide the world's most accurate air pollution data.

Products include real-time, historical & forecasted air quality index, pollutant information, pollen counts, color-coded pollution map, all with a superb 500 meter precision. 

How does it work?

BreezoMeter's superior air quality & pollen data is available via an API. 

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* source: WHO & AAFA


Brands choose us

Innovative companies across a wide range of industries have successfully integrated air quality & pollen into their products, campaigns and strategy.

BreezoMeter's air quality data has helped us drive increased engagement among our users.

Similar to AccuWeather, BreezoMeter is passionate about building the most informative, high impact products, and has developed expertise in providing highly accurate air quality data and useful recommendations that improves peoples’ lives

The partnership with BreezoMeter is enabling us to help cities protect and improve the quality of life of their residents.