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Increasingly, digital health leaders are recognizing the value of accuracy-validated environmental insights for understanding and influencing patient behavior. Read on to learn more about the exciting use cases for BreezoMeter's Environmental Intelligence in healthcare:

  • Better Symptom Analysis
  • Increased Treatment Adherence
  • Improved Disease Management
  • Reduced Hospitalizations

The Personalized Health Generation


As research continues to uncover the huge impact of environmental and lifestyle choices on personal health, the need and demand for personalized treatment solutions in healthcare are growing.


Healthcare Providers Struggle to Understand Chronic Conditions


Traditionally, health providers relied on patient reports and demographic information for understanding the behavior and progression of chronic conditions. Unfortunately, this information alone is not sufficient for a complete understanding of an individual’s health status and symptom triggers.

  • Lack of objective signals for understanding disease behavior and symptom flare-ups.
  • Difficulties in monitoring and encouraging patient medication adherence.

Air quality and pollen exposure information provide valuable insight into an individual’s health exacerbation causes. By deciphering the impact of dynamically changing environmental factors on chronic disease, treatment providers can better understand and prevent the associated symptom triggers.


Location-based & hourly-updated environmental insights help to complete patient views.


Health focused insights


Person-specific environmental intelligence powers the move from one-size-fits-all health solutions to treatment plans that are more tailored to the individual: Patients become empowered to live healthier, active lives and healthcare disruptors establish competitive advantage and unique offerings through data-led innovation.


For chronic disease sufferers, unreliable data can mean life or death.


High Accuracy in a Dynamic Environment


To ensure personalized, timely, and actionable environmental insights, BreezoMeter adopts a big data approach to air quality & pollen reporting.

Unlike other providers, we make use of multiple data sources, sophisticated modeling, & run continuous accuracy testing to ensure the information we report is reliable. The end result is hourly-updated air quality insights up to a resolution of 5 meters/16ft.

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BreezoMeter’s intelligence is easily integrated into therapeutic & patient engagement apps, enabling widespread access to live air pollution and pollen insights. Armed with this new information, patients learn more about their health & take steps to avoid breathing hazards in the environment.


Real-world Example



ALK is a global specialty pharmaceutical company focused on allergy and allergic asthma solutions.


Air Quality & ALK

ALK has integrated BreezoMeter's air pollution and pollen insights into their patient app, Klara, to deliver real-time & location-specific environmental information to allergy patients when they need it most.

Patients receive daily tips for interacting with their environment in a safe way, educational material, & health-based recommendations for managing their symptoms.





BreezoMeter enables ALK to track & identify changes in patients’ symptoms in response to environmental triggers. Based on this information, ALK provides up-to-date and personalized health advice to its users.


Since integrating BreezoMeter’s air quality insights, ALK has seen more than a 50% increase in patient engagement through their app.


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Timely information about a patient's environment opens up new possibilities for remote health monitoring. Care providers can see which patients are engaging with treatment plans, intervene more quickly, and reach patients they may not traditionally have been able to help.


Real-world Example



my mhealth leverages BreezoMeter's micro-local and highly accurate air quality forecasts to provide tailored health recommendations to COPD & asthma patients, based on their individual sensitivities.


Air Quality & my mhealth

my mhealth leverages BreezoMeter's micro-local and highly accurate air quality forecasts to provide tailored health recommendations to COPD & asthma patients, based on their individual sensitivities.


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BreezoMeter’s environmental intelligence enables clinicians to understand exacerbation triggers from a distance, leading to overall improved disease management and life-changing symptom prevention for chronic respiratory disease sufferers.


Since integrating BreezoMeter, my mhealth’s MyCOPD & MyAsthma patient apps have been adopted as formal remote healthcare solutions by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).



Access to new objective signals alongside systematic patient reporting means care can be refined based on contextual & individualized information. This new approach reimagines healthcare brands as digital-first, patient-centric service providers, helping to build patient trust & boosting treatment adherence.


Real-world Example



ResMed-owned Propeller Health is a global digital health company dedicated to helping respiratory disease sufferers improve their quality of life. Propeller Health’s solutions are currently used by patients, providers & organizations across the US, Europe & Asia.


Air Quality & Propeller Health

Sufferers of asthma & COPD attach Propeller Health’s physical sensors to their inhalers to track the date & time of their medication use.

This information gets sent to a patient app which also tracks location-based information such as air quality, humidity & temperature.

Over time, Propeller Health gets smarter & notifies patients when their asthma forecast is poor, based on their own history of environmental symptom triggers & medication usage


Propeller Health



Propeller Health's respiratory health insights enable patients to keep symptoms under control & enjoy time outside when it is safe to do so.


Propeller Health's unique approach to respiratory disease management has been found to reduce asthma attacks by 79% & improve treatment adherence by 50%.


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High-resolution & hourly updated environmental datasets are invaluable for correlative studies & research. As patients regularly log symptoms through dedicated apps, health providers can correlate this information with their actual exposure to breathing hazards in the environment.


Real-world Example



The Mount Sinai Health System is a well-known hospital network in New York City. LifeMap Solutions, now owned by the clinical diagnostics leader, Sema4, is a renowned pioneer in the digital health space.


Air Quality & Lifemap

LifeMap partnered with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to develop a new app for asthma sufferers: Asthma Health.


As part of their goal to conduct a large-scale study on asthma exacerbation, LifeMap turned to BreezoMeter to help them correlate the relationship of air quality exposure to asthma symptoms over time. Through the app, they also reinforced the importance of treatment adherence & gave patients a mobile tool to monitor their conditions.


Group 3317-1


Although initially launched as a research project, participants found the app so useful that they started to show their historical


The initial pilot later led to the creation of the Doctor Dashboard, making it easy for health providers to access historical patient information at any time.


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Location-based environmental information can be used to develop highly targeted & personalized marketing campaigns. Hourly insights offer the perfect tool for delivering dynamic, creative & standout messaging within an extremely regulated market.



Real-world Example



After nearly 100 years of delivering professional healthcare services, Amcal Pharmacy is one of the most widely recognized pharmacies in Australia. It is also part of the largest network of pharmacies in the country.


Air Quality & Amcal

Amcal Pharmacy partnered with QMS & Ninn Media to launch a dynamic digital billboard campaign across Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, displaying BreezoMeter's location-specific & live pollen count insights to members of the public while on the move


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By warning allergy sufferers of high pollen levels at their location when it mattered, Amcal Pharmacy benefited from a highly intelligent campaign that delivered the right information at the right time to the right audience.


The ability to deliver targeted messaging in a highly sophisticated & dynamic way helped maximize campaign ROI & reach potential.

Air quality data is a complicated topic and it can be confusing to know what to look for when considering integration as a healthcare provider. Below are all essential factors we suggest considering. You can also learn more about the differences between air quality data providers here.


What Level of Real-time Accuracy Do You Need?

BreezoMeter offers an hourly refresh rate, air quality reporting of up to 5 meters/16 feet & a continuous accuracy testing process means BreezoMeter is the only air quality provider accurate enough for real-time decision-making.


Is There Evidence of Relevant External Validation?

BreezoMeter’s real-time air quality data has been tested by global pharmaceutical & healthcare brands & received scientific validation from official & credible third parties.


Is the Data Health-based?

BreezoMeter’s solution has been designed specifically for healthcare: Our personalized health recommendations & universal Air Quality & Pollen Indexes are based on official health recommendations & published academic research.


What Degree of Global Coverage Do You Need?

Healthcare providers leveraging BreezoMeter’s air quality insights benefit from location-specific information in 100+ countries around the world.


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