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We explain how environmental data can help you provide individual and unique experiences for your potential and existing customers.


Through  the many companies we've partnered with, we've gained insight into the level of personalization required to meet and exceed consumers' expectations. Now we want to share what we've learnt with you.

We are joined by Soli Hasin, Environmental Business Manager at BreezoMeter. We discuss the changing consumer landscape and how environmental data can help you exceed your customer's expectations:


  • What we’ve learned from monitoring worldwide air pollution
  • The complexity of providing a unique experience for every single consumer
  • How environmental data allows for 1:1 personalization and enables you to meet the needs your consumers didn't even know they had
  • Examples of companies, from several different industries, who have successfully empowered their customers to change their behavior for the better

Who is this Webinar For?

  • Product managers, marketers, data scientists, business managers, and innovation/R&D teams interested in learning more about what personalized environmental data can do for their business.
  • Professionals and researchers in health sectors and other related fields.

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Partnerships Manager & Environmental Business Expert

Soli Hasin
Soli carries great experience with leading sales processes in the Saas industry and loves to share his knowledge of leveraging environmental data within business contexts.

We chose BreezoMeter as our Air Quality data partner as they provide us with the most accurate, reliable data available, enabling us to spread awareness on pollution levels to people all over the world through our free air quality services Blueair Friend and AirView.

Blue Air

The impact of air pollution on patients is well evidenced. All of our apps now incorporate hyper-local air quality feeds from BreezoMeter to help patients with COPD, asthma, heart disease and diabetes plan their day.

My mhealth

BreezoMeter's real-time air quality and weather data enable HVAC professionals leveraging our cloud-based software to make informed and automated decisions for buildings. The benefits are reduced maintenance costs, increased filter efficiency as well as improved facility management through intelligent air control, all leading to higher workplace productivity.”