Our business development manager & environmental expert, Tamir Kessel, explains how to ensure environmental data truly revolutionizes your product experiences.


The right approach to digital transformation can result in highly personalized consumer journeys & significant product engagement. But you need to do the groundwork first. We've seen plenty of project examples that focus either too much on the technology itself or simply copy what others are doing.

In this webinar, we explain why digital transformation needs to be directed by business goals and your unique business propositions, rather than the technology itself.

  • The meaning of “Digital Transformation”: Hype vs reality
  • A digital solution framework - step by step.
  • How environmental data enhances the digital experience framework.
  • Transformational digital experiences in action: Real-world examples of businesses leveraging personalization for digital disruption. 
Who is this Webinar For?
  • Product Managers, Project managers, business analysts, system analysts, IT Managers & Program Managers
  • Business professionals interested in learning more about digital transformation & the role data integrations play in delivering personalization.

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Business Development Manager & Digital Health Specialist
Tamir Kessel
Tamir is a multicultural growth leader with experience in Business Development & Consulting Management for multinationals and start-ups. He's spearheaded many cross-industry digital transformation initiatives.

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