How Environmental Health Insights Improve Patient Outcomes

We sat down with Erik Klos, the innovator behind the asthma health app, DailyBreath to explore the impact of the environment on asthma exacerbation.


What's In the Webinar?

Health is always personal, but treatment solutions are not. Until now it has been extremely hard for healthcare providers to pinpoint the environmental triggers involved in chronic disease. Using DailyBreath as a case study, we show how new environmental intelligence helps to solve this problem.

Group 799
What we don’t know about a patient’s trigger may mean the difference between prevention & exacerbation
Group 801
Why environmental exposure has not been given the proper focus in preventative medicine & research 
Group 800
How healthcare brands can personalize their experiences & solutions by understanding individual symptom triggers.  


Tamir Kessel 
Healthcare Business Development Director

Tamir is our inhouse digital health specialist &  focuses on the application of environmental health insights in healthcare. 

eric klos

Eric Klos - DailyBreath
Healthcare Innovator

Eric is the innovator of DailyBreath - a mobile app which helps those with asthma pinpoint their triggers. 

About BreezoMeter


BreezoMeter's accuracy-validated environmental intelligence offers a new way to understand & influence patient behavior.

By deploying a multi-model & multi- data layer approach  to air quality reporting based on governmental sensors, satellites, weather, traffic & more, we  provide historical, live & forecast air pollution & pollen insights in high-resolution - ideal for use in healthcare settings.