The Ultimate Business Guide to Understanding Pollen Data

[On Demand Webinar]

Listen to this recorded webinar to learn about the complexities of pollen data, the challenges from a technological standpoint, and how to address these issues.

Pollen has serious health implications for the millions of people who are sensitive to the small grains that are airborne as a result of biological processes and evolutionary methods.

Listen to this on-demand webinar to learn about pollen from BreezoMeter’s expert in pollen modeling dispersion, Dr. Amir Paster,  who will discuss the complexities of pollen data, the challenges from a technological standpoint, and how to address these issues with an API that is supported and developed to best suit your business’ needs. 

In this recorded webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the effects of pollen exposure can no longer be ignored
  • The ABCs of pollen seasons, pollen regions, and pollen types, and what this means for your product
  • The environmental elements that affect pollen dispersion and exposure including weather, climate and air pollution
  • The complexity of pollen: How it is pollen measured, and the limitations?
  • How BreezoMeter is optimizing its algorithmic solution for pollen, for the benefit of your products



Dr. Amir Paster
Environmental Modeling Specialist 
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Amit Safir
Partnerships Manager
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